Rebecca Wolf, LCSW

Rebecca Wolf is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and also has a Problem and Compulsive Gambling Certification. She has comprehensive clinical experience working with adults, couples, and families on gambling addiction, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, adjustment issues, and relationship issues. She is passionate about her work with military populations. Rebecca has worked previously in a variety of clinical settings, including an employee assistance program, a residential mental health facility, a community mental health clinic, and a school. She tends to be very direct while using a strengths-based approach with her clients guided by motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy. She also uses Imagery Rehearsal Therapy to treat nightmares often related to PTSD. Rebecca believes that the strongest indicator for therapeutic success is a supportive and trusting relationship between the therapist and client, and she works diligently with clients to build this relationship in order to foster optimal emotional growth and change. Rebecca earned her Masters of Social Work degree from Rutgers University where she was a member of the Phi Alpha honor society.
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