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We are a private outpatient clinic, featuring over 35 educated and professional therapists of varied specialties and expertise — each graduate level trained, experienced and state licensed. No matter what your need, there is a caring, experienced therapist who can help. You need not walk alone. 

Midwest Psychological Services

Midwest Psychological Services has built a reputation as the most comprehensive counseling center you can trust. You will get experienced and board-certified psychiatrists, therapists and counselors for children, teens and adults. Most insurance is accepted, and our team offers you better diagnosis and treatment.

Advanced Psychiatry of Elgin

“We strive to provide the highest quality of care to help patients make positive changes in their lives. We value, respect and embrace the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. Our goal is to merge different treatment plans, and customize individual approaches according to each patient’s need.

Robin Shapiro, M.D., S.C. is board certified, in private practice specializing in child, adolescent and adult psychiatry. She treats patients that struggle with emotional and psychological problems. She provides treatment in the form of therapy and medications and tailors treatment to the needs of patients.

Adult ADD Symptom Checklist

Welcome to the ADD & ADHD resource place. You will find information on both child and adult attention deficit disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder here. Learn the ADD and ADHD symptoms and how to test for them and discover the latest natural treatments, pharmaceutical medications and more.

Children and Adults with ADHD

CHADD is a membership organization, produces the bi-monthly Attention magazine (for members), and sponsors an annual conference. The National Resource Center on ADHD is the CDC-funded national clearinghouse for evidence-based information about ADHD. 

“Our mission at ADD Resources is to help people with ADHD achieve their full potential through education, support and networking opportunities.”

Chicago Sound Therapy

Chicago Sound Therapy  helps improve auditory processing, which in turn can help improve communication, focus, attention and learning. 

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!

With over a quarter million copies in print, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! is one of the bestselling books on attention deficit disorder ever written. 

In order to combat the misconceptions of ADD, Gina Pera offers a “comprehensive guide to recognizing the behaviors where you least expect them (on the road and in the bedroom) and developing compassion for couples wrestling with unrecognized ADHD symptoms.

ADD & Romance

This book addresses the problems that may damage a relationship if a couple does not know how to deal with the challenges of ADD. Jonathan Scott Halverstadt provides insight from the perspective of both a person with and a person without ADD in order to understand problematic situations.

ADHD Coaching and Therapy

ADHD Centers provides high-quality, affordable treatment and support services for those diagnosed with ADHD. “ADHD Centers provides a multi-specialty approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ADHD/ADD, involving professionals with training and expertise in working with people with ADD.

According to Sari Solden’s latest clinical study, just as many women are affected by ADD as men, however many women go undiagnosed because they do not fit the stereotypical idea of a person with ADD. Solden focuses on the unique challenges women with ADD face, which include problems with fulfilling societal expectations.

Driven To Distraction

Written by medical professionals with ADD, Edward Hallowell and John Ratey define ADD in broad terms in order to emphasize that not every person diagnosed with ADD has the same experience and that ADD is not simply related to limited intelligence or self-discipline. They highlight and discuss the positive aspects and qualities of people.

Superparenting for ADD

In order to combat the negative connotation that comes with ADD being labeled as a “disability”, Dr. Edward Hallowell and ADD researcher Peter S. Jensen, M.D. provide parents with a multi-faceted strategy that focuses on the importance of support, positivity, and a nourishing environment when raising a child with ADD.

In kid-friendly language and a format that welcomes reluctant and easily distracted readers, Free Spirit’s newest survival guide helps kids know they’re not alone and offers practical strategies for taking care of oneself, modifying behavior, enjoying school, having fun, and dealing (when needed) with doctors, counselors, and medication.

The Gift of ADHD Activity Books

Psychologist Lara Honos-Webb presents the behaviors of ADHD in a positive light by focusing on the strengths a child with ADHD possesses, such as “creativity, sensitivity, and a passion for living.”  According to Honos-Webb, if parents focus on the positive aspects of ADHD, they will no longer feel the frustrations and learn to appreciate their child’s…

The ADD & ADHD Answer Book

The ADD & ADHD Answer Book provides answers to questions regarding the symptoms of ADD & ADHD, special education, medication, doctor visits and what parents can do to help their children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. “The ADD & ADHD Answer Book is a reassuring, authoritative reference for you and your family, providing sound advice.

Learning Outside the Lines

Criticism for the public school system is nothing new; kids of all skill levels are slipping through the cracks at every age and in every city. Rather than attempting to change the system or point out its failures, Jonathon Mooney and David Cole have created a practical guide to help kids jump through necessary hoops.

Summit Camp & Travel

Summit Camp & Travel is a special needs summer camp for children with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Tourette’s, OCD, learning disabilities and social difficulties. The Summit Camp & Travel programs are designed to teach appropriate social skills so that the children can create and maintain peer relationships.

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.