Addiction Counseling in St. Louis, MO

Are you considering addiction treatment? Perhaps your addiction has created a conflict with a loved one, or maybe it is affecting your work or personal life. Whatever circumstances may have led you here, the specialists at Urban Balance would be happy to assist you. We offer many forms of addiction counseling in St. Louis, MO, including drug addiction counseling, eating addiction counseling, gambling addiction counseling, alcohol addiction counseling, and other addiction therapy programs. Contact our office at (888) 726-7170 to schedule an appointment with a therapist near you.

Affordable and Accessible Addiction Counseling in St. Louis, MO

Urban Balance works with many insurance providers to provide affordable counseling solutions. We match each client with the best therapist for his or her needs, so you will receive top-quality mental healthcare from the start. With our personalized addiction counseling in St. Louis, MO, you can get the tools you need to reclaim control of your life.

  • Knowledgeable Therapists with Years of Experience in Addiction Treatment
  • Specialized Addiction Counseling in St. Louis, MO, Including Drug Addiction Counseling, Alcoholism Counseling, Gambling Addiction Counseling, Eating Addiction Counseling, and More
  • Personalized Solutions for Anxiety Treatment, Depression Treatment, and Other Conditions Associated with Addiction
  • Client-Guided Therapy with Proven Results
  • An Insurance-Friendly Counseling Center with Weekend Appointments Available
  • Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling to Repair Your Relationship after Addiction
  • A Comfortable, Judgement-Free Setting for Addiction Therapy

The process starts with a confidential phone call to our office. Reach out at (888) 726-7170 to learn more about addiction counseling in St. Louis, MO.

Convenient Appointment Times to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Does your work schedule prevent you from seeing a therapist on the weekdays? With Urban Balance, that is not an issue. We offer weekend appointments at all of our therapist offices because we understand today’s busy lifestyle. You can get the support and guidance you need at a time that suits your life. Our St. Louis counseling center is located at

1750 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 404, St. Louis MO 63144

Give us a call or stop by to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about addiction therapy.


To Set up an Appointment for Addiction Counseling in St. Louis, MO, Contact Urban Balance at (888) 726-7170
Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.