Are You a New Parent or About to Be a New Parent? This New Blog by UB’s Joyce Marter Is for You

First Comes Love: Relationship Solutions for Parents is a blog that provides practical solutions to the common relationship challenges that occur in romantic partnerships when baby makes 3.

Joyce Marter is a psychotherapist and owner of Urban Balance, a counseling private practice with over 50 therapists on staff at six locations in Chicago, North Shore, and north suburbs.

Since 2004, she has been providing a Pre- & Post-Baby Counseling Program at her practice. She has been quoted as an expert on how the transition to family affects a relationship in cover stories in The Wallstreet Journal and New Zealand’s Sunday Magazine, and in American Baby Magazine,, and a nationally syndicatednews segment. She currently has a book in development on the topic and is represented by Joy Tutela of The David Black Agency.

“I provide solutions to the common challenges around sex, sleep deprivation, division of labor, etc.,” says Marter. “My belief is that our culture has shifted where 80% on mothers work but 80% of the housework and childcare is still being done by women. Our culture hasn’t shifted from a more traditional division of labor at home. Women are becoming exhausted and depleted and men are wondering why their partners have become miserable and critical! Times are changing. I provide easy suggestions to make the transition to family joyful for all.”

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