Chicago Area Counseling Services for Adolescents & Young Adults

All Urban Balance counseling offices have therapists on staff who specialize in providing therapy for teenagers and young adults. We believe all young people can benefit from therapy as this time of life can be so challenging and such a critical part of one’s development. Therapy can be an opportunity to:

  • Learn about yourself and discover who you are

  • Address concerns about depression or anxiety

  • Receive treatment for ADD and learning disorders

  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness

  • Develop a positive relationship with food and your body

  • Understand the way you communicate and learn new skills

  • Explore feelings about making positive decisions about sex and relationships

  • Improve time management, prioritization and organizational skills

  • Explore feelings about making positive decisions about drugs and alcohol

  • Understand the shifting roles and boundaries in your relationships with your family

  • Receive academic or career counseling

  • Learn positive self-care

Our Therapists

Urban Balance has therapists on staff who young people can relate to and understand. Our therapists are warm, compassionate, and not judgmental—we understand the issues that teenagers and young adults face with regard to school, family, relationships and life in general.



All services at Urban Balance are confidential according to HIPAA and professional regulations.

If your parents want to know that you are attending your therapy, your therapist may ask for consent to communicate about attendance, payment, and in the event of an emergency, but otherwise the details of your therapy are kept confidential to promote healing and growth in a safe and confidential environment. If you are under 16, we will need the consent of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to participate in therapy.



If you are using your insurance to pay for therapy, the primary insured person (which may be your parent), will receive a copy of your statements. Most insurance will pay for some your therapy. UB will check your benefits and bill your insurance. We are in-network with most plans and your co-pay may be paid by cash, check or credit card.  Some UB therapists are preferred providers for the student health insurance offered by Northwestern University, Columbia College, UIC, and more.


Contact UB’s Intake Coordinator to schedule an appointment with a UB therapist who speciializes in treating adolescents.


We are now accepting new clients for telehealth or in-person therapy sessions! Please give us a call (888) 726-7170 or email to schedule an appointment today!