Child Counseling in Illinois

Looking for a therapist office that offers child counseling in Illinois? Urban Balance has several locations to choose from, and we are proud to serve families in these diverse communities. Our child counselors have years of experience working with children from all walks of life. They have solutions for self-esteem building, cyberbullying counseling, child anxiety counseling, learning disability counseling, defiance counseling, and much more. We will match your child with the best counselor for his or her needs. Give us a call at (888) 726-7170 to learn more about child counseling in Illinois.

Family Counseling and Child Counseling in Illinois

Some children do well with individual counseling. Others benefit from family counseling or a combination of individual and family therapy. We offer these services and more at our therapist offices in Illinois. Urban Balance is partnered with a range of insurance providers to ensure our counseling services are affordable and accessible.

  • Individual Counseling and Family Counseling Available to Provide the Best Experience for Your Child
  • Psychological Testing for Children to Identify Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Child Anxiety, and Other Conditions
  • Friendly Child Therapists That Kids Love and Parents Trust
  • A Calm, Comfortable Environment for Child Counseling in Illinois
  • Solutions for Self-Esteem Building, Communication Development, Academic Improvement, Focus and Memory Retention, Social Skills, and More
  • Personalized Child Counseling from Experienced Specialists

Whether you’re looking for short-term child counseling in Illinois or a long-term relationship with a trusted therapist, Urban Balance is here to assist you. Contact us at (888) 726-7170 to schedule an appointment.

Compassionate Child Therapists That Families Feel Comfortable Around

Children love our therapists, and parents trust our high ratings and referral rates. Urban Balance is a longstanding name in many Illinois communities, including Chicago, Hinsdale, Evanston, Northbrook, Libertyville, and more. We have weekend appointments available to accommodate your family’s busy schedule, and all of our offices are modernized and comfortable. Best of all, your privacy is always protected with our stringent confidentiality policies. Set your child up for success by contacting Urban Balance about child counseling in Illinois.


If You Are Interested in Child Counseling in Illinois, Call (888) 726-7170

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