Couples Counseling at UB

Couples counseling and marriage counseling have always been a special focus of Urban Balance. The philosophy of Urban Balance is that we all can benefit from therapy or counseling at different points in our lives because we all deal with various issues as a normal part of the human condition. Similarly, we believe all couples can benefit from therapy or counseling to reduce stress, conflict and negative interactions, as well as improve relationship strengths and increase intimacy and happiness.

It is a common misconception that seeking couples therapy means your relationship has serious problems or is doomed.  All relationships have issues and conflict and we have professionals who can help you manage them in a way that improves your quality of life.  UB recommends couples counseling not only when experiencing relationship distress or a specific issue, but also seeking therapy during times of transition (moving in together, getting married, starting a family.)  Additionally, some couples decide to participate in couples counseling even if they have decided to split, especially when children are involved and they need to develop ways to communicate and co-parent effectively.

Common issues couples bring to a therapist:

  • communication problems
  • conflict resolution problems
  • issues related to finances
  • trust/boundary matters
  • commitment questions
  • sexual/intimacy concerns
  • parenting
  • division of labor
  • relationship stress due to various life issues (health, career, finances, etc.)

Some couples may need to start with individual therapy prior to doing couples work.  Some people may participate in individual and couples therapy simultaneously.  Urban Balance therapists are experts in assessing whether individual therapy, couples work or a combination would be most beneficial for you and your partner.  While therapy is confidential, clients may choose to give consent for their individual and couples therapists at UB to collaborate to ensure that everyone is working together effectively and efficiently.

Therapy is a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to improve your relationship for years to come.  UB therapists are trained and seasoned experts in facilitating relationship healing and growth.

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