Family Therapy Available at All Six Chicago Area UB Counseling Locations

Family therapy may be right for you if you and your family are dealing with any of the following:

    Communication issues
    Parenting issues
    Dealing from grief or trauma
    Recovering from addiction
    Parent/child conflict
    Boundary/role issues

Therapy is a safe place to resolve these typical family issues. Some members of the family might participate in individual or couples therapy in addition to family therapy. Your UB therapist can recommend which treatment modality might be most beneficial for your family. If members of your family are working with more than one UB therapists, releases may be signed so the therapists can collaborate and accelerate progress in treatment.  

Family therapy can improve communication and bring families healing and closer together. It can be a very positive experience that can increase intimacy and connectedness.  

UB’s Approach

The therapists at UB will usually meet with the couple or family as a whole for most sessions, and may use some sessions to meet individually with each member to gather that person’s history or to hear that person’s perspective privately. During initial visits, the therapist will gather information about the relationship/family history, presenting issues and concerns while providing a supportive and empathic environment. Throughout the course of treatment, the therapist will focus on the strengths of the individual and couple/family and provide a safe, therapeutic, and confidential setting.  Therapy can help participants:

    Identify and understand roles in the relationship/family
    Understand boundaries
    Explore possible family-of-origin issues and how they may be impacting the relationship/family
    Improve communication
    Increase conflict resolution skills
    Increase self-awareness and understanding of your partner/family members
    Explore, address and resolve presenting concerns and issues

UB is committed to helping you improve your relationships. Contact UB’s Intake Coordinator to schedule an appointment with a therapist who specializes in Family Counseling.

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.