Gay & Engaged? Consider Pre-Marital Counseling at UB

UB has proudly been an LGBQT affirmative therapy practice since its founding 10 years ago in 2004. Additionally, UB since its inception has offered focused pre-marriage counseling for couples getting ready for that big day. Now UB is happy to announce it can provide pre-marriage counseling to LGBQT couples preparing for nuptial bliss.

“Gay and transgendered couples share all the same challenges as straight couples, such as facing challenges with communication, conflict resolution, finances, and division of labor,” says UB’s owner Joyce Marter, LCPC. “But these couples also have additional challenges due to biases and discrimination. In my experience, these common issues include boundaries with in-laws, religious or cultural issues with extended family, and conflicts with family planning.”

Marter adds, “Gay and transgendered couples typically do not have the traditional framework or road map that straight couples have about roles and rituals within the marriage. Pre-marital counseling can help develop a shared vision for the marriage that fits their own unique relationship.”

Contact UB’s Intake coordinator to schedule structured, short term pre-marital counseling with a UB therapist who specializes in both LGBQT issues and pre-marital counseling.



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