Get Your New Family Ready With Pre & Post Baby Counseling At Urban Balance

“Not surprisingly, up to 70% of couples experience profound stress, conflict and a decline in marital satisfaction during this time of new baby – all of which affect infant’s care.  Given the increased interpersonal, social and economic pressure they experience, it is important to support caregivers in their transition to parenthood.” The Gottman Relationship Institute.

Common issues couples experience during this momentous life transition include:

>Exacerbated communication or relationship problems due to stress and lack of sleep

>Differences in expectations about division of labor or roles in the relationship

>Adjustment to new lifestyle, increased responsibilities and a different routine

>Changes in work roles or financial stress

>Significantly reduced time spent on the relationship

Where counseling can help: Pre-Baby

  • Facilitating effective communication around important decisions about the baby
  • Pre-natal support and resources for both parents-to-be
  • Creating a financial plan for pregnancy and parenthood
  • Establishing a plan for household division-of-labor for after the arrival
  • Assessing support network and exploring boundary issues with friends and family
  • Preparing for labor and delivery emotionally and relationally

Post Baby

  • Exploring emotional and relational impact of labor and delivery
  • Dealing with sleep deprivation and caring for the baby
  • Assessing for post-partum depression
  • Managing stress, practicing self-care and accessing support
  • Exploring the relational change from two to three
  • Improving communication and conflict resolution skills

UB’s Pre & Post Baby Couples Counseling can:

  1. Prevent relationship meltdown
  2. Prevent or reduce post-partum depression
  3. Strengthen your relationship and family

Urban Balance therapists who specialize in children & parenting can reduce the stress, and make this transition positive for the whole family.  Contact UB to learn about counseling for individuals and couples as well as upcoming baby workshops led by UB therapists.

“The transition to parenthood while an enormous blessing can be filled with many stressors for the mother and family.  Counseling programs such as those offered by Urban Balance can be of tremendous value in preparing couples for this life transition .” Edward T. Lee, MD OB-GYN

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.