Having a Cheaper Wedding Could Prevent Marital Problems

Planning an over-the-top wedding with an equally high price tag? You may want to alter your plans. A recent study shows a direct correlation between marital arguments and wedding-related debt – something that can be avoided with some simple adjustments. Let’s explore how having a cheaper wedding could improve your marriage.

Study Shows Wedding-Related Debt Increases Arguments

According to a new study from LendingTree, wedding-related debt is a primary source of tension among newlyweds. They surveyed over 500 Americans, age 18 to 53, who had been married within the last few years. Nearly half (45%) went into debt to pay for their wedding.

What they found was that 47% of couples who went into wedding debt contemplated divorce because of money struggles. By comparison, only 9% of couples without wedding-related debt considered divorce. A staggering 76% of debt-ridden newlyweds argued about their wedding expenses frequently.

How to Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

One in four newlyweds from the LendingTree survey said they wished they had spent less on their wedding. The biggest regrets were spending too much on food/drinks, followed by spending too much on the venue.

When looking at wedding venues, look for ones that allow you to bring your own food and drinks. Then you can ask family members and friends to help prepare food for the wedding. You could choose a theme or go for a more casual, potluck-style experience. You could also look into venues where the food is included with the price. Some venues allow you to use the building for free if you buy a certain amount of catering.

Another way to lower your expenses is to reduce the guest list. Before sending out your wedding invitations, think carefully about who you truly want there for your big day. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. This is your day and your money.

If you haven’t bought your wedding dress, consider buying a white prom dress instead. Prom stores tend to have much lower prices, and you can still get a stunning beaded gown for your wedding.

Finally, use the resources available to you. Mom and dad live out in the country? Have a wedding out there! Have an Italian grandma who loves to cook? Let her cater the event! Ask for favors now, and then return the favor in the future. Your low-cost wedding can be a collaborative effort.

How to Handle Money-Related Arguments

If you and your spouse are dealing with money-related arguments, consider talking to a couples counselor. These arguments are mostly the result of stress or an imbalance of responsibilities. Your therapist can help you communicate about debt in a healthy way. Share your concerns and learn about your spouse’s struggles as well. You can get through this together, and you’ll be stronger for it in the end.

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