Jessica Kiragu, Clinical Intern


Jessica Kiragu is a clinical intern completing her final year at Northwestern University’s Master of Counseling Psychology Program. Her clinical experience includes working with diverse populations with varied concerns, experiences, and situations. She has experience in life transition issues, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, trauma, bi-polar, and self-esteem. Before joining Urban Balance Jessica completed internships at St. Elizabeth Hospital and a Chicago public high school. While an intern at St Elizabeth, Jessica provided therapeutic services to adults and children and facilitated therapy groups for the chronically mentally ill. As an intern in a Chicago high school, Jessica provided counseling services to adolescents and helped administer a program focused on assisting teen parents as they make the transition to parenthood. Jessica believes that each individual is the “expert” on his or her life and experiences. In the therapeutic relationship, Jessica strives to understand each client’s world from his or her perspective. Because every person is distinct and possesses a story all their own, Jessica strives to create a personalized therapeutic experience that is unique to each client. She incorporates aspects of various techniques and utilizes a relational approach in order to help clients identify and achieve their goals.

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