Listening Exercises to Help See Life Better

Listening to Guided Relaxation Exercises

I am a big fan of listening to guided imagery and relaxation exercises for my clients. Whether you are having difficulties with anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, stress, depression and even weight loss, there is a plethora of scripts and audio bytes out there in cyber land.
So what is guided imagery?
It is usually a written script or audio that directs one to imagine, focus and/or project certain feelings or settings in our minds. It can help people’s body and mind relax, sleep better, calm down before or after something troubling or help coach the soul to a more positive place. I’ve compiled several audio clips that I have used in the past for clients. I would definitely recommend checking out some of the websites beyond the audio clips to find out more about this topic and other relaxation exercises.
Tips before starting guided relaxation:
Make sure you are in a comfortable position, preferably laying down. A quiet setting, minimal distractions, cool temperature and remember to turn off your phone (unless you’re using it for these exercises- then lock incoming calls/texts/notifications!) Some of these audio clips might have videos, but don’t watch them! It is best to lay back and close your eyes, only listening to the sounds and prompts.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is systematically tensing and releasing certain muscles in the body, creating a sense of relaxation. These are great to use for anxiety, stress and looking to become more relaxed before sleep:
– PMR #1

Guided Visualization

These types of visualization often leave people in a calm or relaxed state. They typically use prompts to imagine being in a certain setting, like a forest or beach, and guide you to focus on the five senses- touch, sound, taste, sight and smell. They can also prompt you to feel certain ways, such as warming parts of your body (my personal favorite!) or “floating” on a cloud. I would recommend these audio clips for people looking to sleep better, start their day off in a more peaceful manner, or unwind after a stressful day. This is also good for people with anxiety and depression:

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness is a term used to be more present in our thoughts, so these audio clips will help guide you to think and do so. Focusing on breath, sounds and current feelings are the core of these exercises. I’d recommend these for people having troubles with anxiety, OCD, phobias, or in a heightened state of emotion.:

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