Marriage Counseling in Missouri

Are there issues in your marriage you just can’t seem to get through? Perhaps there is an imbalance in responsibilities or you don’t know how to effectively communicate your feelings. This is common among married couples, no matter how long they have been together. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome nearly every challenge in a relationship.

The best way to work through your difficulties is to speak with a marriage counselor. Through marriage counseling you will learn how to speak and listen to your spouse in a way that benefits both of you. Our marriage counseling programs in Missouri have helped hundreds of couples get to a better place in their marriages. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (888) 726-7170.

Personalize Marriage Counseling Tailored to Your Needs

Every couple has its own unique dynamic. That dynamic determines which marriage counseling strategies work best for them. Our marriage counselors tailor their services to fit their clients. If a conflict resolution technique isn’t working for you, your counselor will suggest an alternative. If an obstacle arises that you aren’t ready for, your counselor will guide you through it. Couples counseling provides guidance and support all in one, with a compassionate therapist you can trust right here in Missouri.

During your marriage counseling sessions, you will…

  • Discuss Longstanding Issues in Your Marriage
  • Overcome Obstacles Like Stress, Infidelity, Codependency, Low Self-Esteem, and More
  • Build Trust within Each Other and Open the Flow of Communication
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship
  • Balance Responsibilities in Your Relationship, from Household Chores to Financial Burdens
  • Learn How to Prevent Arguments with Positive Language and Respectful Communication
  • Discover the Root Cause of Marital Conflicts and Tackle It Together as a Family

We offer LGBT marriage counseling, divorce prevention, premarital counseling, and much more. Whether you’ve been married for a year or you’re approaching 50 years together, we have a counselor who can assist you. Contact an Urban Balance office in Missouri at (888) 726-7170 to schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor near you.

Premarital Counseling to Prepare for Married Life

If you’re getting married in the near future, we have premarital counseling programs in Missouri. This branch of marriage counseling provides a better perspective of what to expect in marriage – how to handle disagreements, how to live together with minimal conflict, how to communicate with your spouse, etc. You’ll learn valuable lessons to carry throughout your marriage, especially when it comes to conflict resolution. Set your marriage up for success with a little help from Urban Balance.

Restore Your Marriage and Rebuild Your Bond. Call (888) 726-7170 to Speak with a Marriage Counseling Center in Missouri
Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.