What you need to know about: Addiction

by Meaghan Diaz


A common form of an addiction is alcohol/substance abuse. It is common for people to have a beer to unwind after a long day of work occasionally. However, a person with a substance abuse disorder is dependent on alcohol or drugs and continues to use them despite the negative impact it may have on his or her day-to-day life, such as worsening physical and mental health as well as damaging social relationships. The severity of the addiction disorder may vary, but common symptoms include the individual consuming more than originally planned, experiencing anxiety due to unsuccessful control of consumption, and spending a lot of time to use, obtain, or recover from the substance. Those who abuse alcohol/substances experience cravings and withdrawals, making it difficult to control the addiction. They may also develop a tolerance over time, thereby requiring larger doses of consumption in order to feel the effects.

“Should I seek treatment for addiction?” If an addiction is interfering with your normal daily functioning or if you are experiencing distress due to an addiction disorder, contact a therapist for a clinical evaluation to determine a recovery plan.

“What are common addiction treatment options?” Treatment involves a clinical assessment/evaluation to determine a recovery plan, detoxification, active treatment (medication, programs, support groups, residential treatment, etc.), and relapse prevention plan. The type of treatment is unique to the individual’s situation.

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