What You Need To Know About: Anxiety

by Meaghan Diaz


It is common for one to experience nervousness from time to time, such as before an important interview or meeting. However, if symptoms of anxiety, such as profuse sweating, pounding heart, trembling, dizziness, and excessive worry, are easily and often triggered, it may be an anxiety disorder. For some, the source of experiencing an unreasonable amount of anxiety may be due to finances, work, or family. For others, the source of constant anxiety may be due to a multitude of reasons or just life in general.

It is not uncommon that those with anxiety disorders realize that their worry or nervousness is excessive and is not a normal response, but they feel that they cannot control or subdue it despite their best efforts. This usually results in feeling in a state of constant unease, which makes it difficult to sleep at night or relax during the day. This may contribute to tiredness and lack of focus. Physical symptoms of anxiety disorders include: numbness, tingling, elevated heart rate, headache, irritability, chest pain, hot flashes, chills, sweating, trembling hands, feeling lightheaded, feeling on edge and experiencing persistent nervousness or worry. Anxiety disorders most commonly develop in childhood or adolescence, but it can develop in adulthood as well.

“Should I seek counseling for anxiety?”

If your anxiety is interfering with normal daily activities and/or is causing distress, it is important that you seek treatment.

“What are common anxiety therapy options?”

After receiving a complete medical examination, treatment options include:

Medication: This short-term treatment option for acute anxiety will help alleviate the physical symptoms.

Individual Therapy (recommended): A therapist will help identify specific life stressors, provide feedback, and teach relaxation techniques and exercises to combat anxiety.

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