What You Need To Know About: Hobbies

Relaxing and recharging, hobbies can nurture well-being and happiness.

What is a hobby?

Urban Balance’s Joyce Marter defines a hobby as a “leisure activity we do for relaxation or pleasure– like sports, art, music, gardening, building something, and collecting things. Hobbies are important because they can nurture a part of you that isn’t being stimulated by other aspects of your life.”

What are other benefits of hobbies?

Hobbies provide an outlet to destress, relaxm abdrecharge, thereby contributing to overall well-being and happiness. They can help prevent or alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression by creating a positive outlet. Hobbies can also serve as a reward after a hard day’s work, as well as help us get to know ourselves in terms of strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

How can I choose a hobby?

When choosing a hobby, it is important to keep in mind that a hobby should help promote health & wellness. Hobbies should not be addictive, self-destructive, or have a impact on important daily routines, work or social relationships. Do some research by going online or visiting a hobby store to ask for help or suggestions. It is important to choose a hobby that you can enjoy, afford, and schedule into your life. Limiting yourself to a maximum of 2-3 hobbies will make it easier to manage, maintain, and integrate in your life to create overall balance and wellness.

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