Parenting a Child with School Anxiety

Is your child afraid to go to school? Now that classes are starting back up, you may notice some warning signs of school anxiety. Your child refuses to go to school, to the point of panic or fear. If these are some of the issues you’re facing, check out these parenting tips for children with school anxiety.

Find the Source of School Anxiety

Before you can treat school anxiety, you need to know what’s causing it. Is your child worried about making friends? Does your child have social anxiety or separation anxiety? Does the school anxiety only appear around test days? Does your child have a learning disability that makes school more challenging for him or her?

The source of the school anxiety may be obvious to you, such as a bully in your child’s class. You may not know what the issue is though, like in the case of a learning disability. Psychological testing can identify these underlying issues so your child can get the extra help he or she needs. Working with a therapist can help a child manage anxiety, depression, grief, trauma-related emotions, and more. If you would like assistance with school anxiety treatment, contact the experts at Urban Balance. We have child therapists on staff who would be happy to assist you.

Create a Positive Environment for School

Children feed off your energy and excitement. If you dread taking your child to school, he will sense that. Make the entire process a positive experience, from getting dressed in the morning to the car ride to school. Turn getting dressed into a game – see who can get dressed the fastest. Play fun music in the car that your kid responds well to. Adapt your strategies to your child, and you can alleviate some feelings of anxiety.

Listen to Your Child’s Concerns

If your child is expressing concerns about school, don’t ignore them. Listening to your child will show him that his feelings are validated. It will also give you a chance to get to the root of the situation. Children do not always know how to communicate or recognize their emotions. With a steady flow of conversation, you can figure out the core issues at hand. Then you can seek the appropriate treatment for them.

Remain Patient

Parenting a child with school anxiety is a challenge. Remain patient as you search for a remedy. It may take a combination of therapy, lifestyle adjustments, time and other factors for your child to overcome school anxiety. Rest assured that there is a solution out there. Your family therapist can point you in that direction. If you would like to get matched with a family therapist or child therapist near you, contact Urban Balance: (888) 726-7170.

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