Seasonal Sadness

As we continue into winter, many of us experience some or many symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. This “seasonal sadness” affects people of all ages during the darker and colder winter months, particularly following the holiday season. During the past few winters, these symptoms have been exacerbated by COVID-19 isolation, stress and loss.

How do you cope with emotions that arise during this time of year? I think that many of us cope by rushing through this season; we tell ourselves that, before we know it, the sun will shine and we will be happier.

This winter, I challenge all of us to try something different; namely, what might it feel like to try to enjoy this time of year instead of waiting for it to end?

I find this article valuable in its emphasis on how to find peace and joy when you are experiencing seasonal depression. I particularly love suggestions around “leaning into nostalgia” and creating a bucket list of fun activities that you can do now.
While this time of year presents challenges, there is joy and meaning to be found in the present moment.

Written by: Taejah Vemuri, LCPC, MPH, Urban Balance

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