Anger Management Counseling

Anger is a basic and powerful human emotion that has its place in working through life’s challenges. Anger arises in reaction to the unwanted actions of someone else, or in response to situations that are beyond one’s control.

It can sometimes help resolve injustice and motivate others to make necessary changes. When anger is frequent and intense, however, it causes fear, hurts relationships and creates more conflict. Frequent, intense anger and hostility also create problems for you.

Woman Feeling Stressed

Grudges, chronic hostility and acts of aggression toward others, either physically or verbally, are typical examples of problem anger.

If anger is a problem for you, Urban Balance can help. Our anger management program will help improve self-control and guide you through healthier ways to cope with the unwanted actions of other people and circumstances that trigger hurtful expressions of anger.

How you control, express and work through your feelings of hostility, anger and conflict is important to maintaining healthy relationships with coworkers, friends and loved ones.

All Urban Balance therapists look at treatment from a strengths perspective. Typically, sessions occur once per week but you can increase or decrease frequency depending on progress and need.

We are now accepting new clients for telehealth or in-person therapy sessions! Please give us a call (888) 726-7170 or email to schedule an appointment today!