Get ready for your new assignment. No longer can we count on a career marriage with one company. In fact, through our lifetime, we may work 10 or even 20 jobs before we reach our Golden Years. The road to getting on and staying on career course can be frequently changing, disappointing and filled with pitfalls. It can also present new and exciting opportunities when you least expect them.

At Urban Balance, we believe there’s a need for lifelong career counseling. From decision-making, work-life balance and leadership development to aspiration, procrastination and personal growth, our therapists are tuned in to the link between career development and human development.

Middle Aged Woman Smiling
People are looking for ways to find purpose, feel satisfied and live their calling.

Counseling can help us discover our interests, strengths, skills, values and motivation. It can help us understand our options; and increase our knowledge of the skills needed for today’s occupations.

When we are faced with a career challenge or dilemma, a career counselor can help us communicate effectively, work through difficult emotions, set goals and focus on the future, as well as point us toward nearby resources and services that can make difficult transitions a little easier and less stressful.

Consider career counseling an essential service, no matter where you are in your career. Whether you are young professional, thinking about starting a business, working in corporate, or running a family-owned business, counseling can help you keep a balanced, healthy perspective and meet the challenges.

For Career Counseling, contact the Urban Balance Intake Coordinator, or find a wide range of professional counselors to talk to using our therapist directory.

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