Pre- and Post-Baby Counseling

At Urban Balance, we offer a unique Pre- and Post-Baby Counseling Program that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, American Baby Magazine, Psych Central and nationally syndicated news segments. Even a life event as happy as a new baby can be stressful. We can help you prepare for a happy and smooth transition into parenthood. Many parents report they aren’t prepared for the enormous changes that come with the arrival of a new baby. Sleep deprivation, less intimacy, financial stress, career dilemma and the deluge of daily responsibilities can feel overwhelming at times.

Our Pre- and Post-Baby Counseling Program is designed to promote strong, healthy relationships between both parents. We teach new parents what to realistically expect during the transition from “before kids” to “baby on board.” We believe that couples counseling, at this point, is just as or even more important than premarital counseling. Both parents are strongly encouraged to participate together to reap maximum benefit from the program, but if only one partner can attend it is still beneficial. Single parent counseling is encouraged as well.

The Gottman Relationship Institute reports that as many as 70 percent of couples will experience a significant decline in happiness within the two years that follow the arrival of a baby.

Urban Balance can help. Contact the Urban Balance Intake Coordinator for more information about the Pre- and Post-Baby Counseling Program.

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Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services. Please click here for our updates regarding COVID-19.