Sexual Orientation and Labels

By UB’s Cortney Blitz, Clinical Intern

The task of choosing a label for your sexuality can be overwhelming and unproductive for some. Maybe you fear the judgement of others, you need to process or grieve the life you previously envisioned for yourself, or you simply are uneducated about how to classify what is currently happening in your life with regards to your sexuality.

But clarity can occur when you are much more certain about why you are choosing one at all. Oftentimes this desire derives from wanting to describe your identity to others which in turn leads to a higher level of self awareness. So as long as the label serves your purpose and aligns with your feelings, there should be no reason to be afraid of labeling yourself.

Perhaps the discomfort comes in finding the right words. Here is the updated, accepted terminology for describing the sexuality spectrum:

The label you chose today may be different tomorrow. Embracing how the label describes your sexuality rather than dictates it may offer some ease and acceptance. Socializing with people who are like you can provide some clarity, comfort and support. Consider participating in one of the many programs offered at the Center on Halsted: From sexuality specific support groups, to social interest groups, Center on Halsted offers an an environment for all to learn, bond, and self explore.

Here’s to continuing on the ever changing path of self-discovery.


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