missouri Counseling Group

healing from religious trauma

Start Date: Monday, April 25th; Ongoing with periodic openings for new participants
Time: 7pm Central Time; Biweekly
Cost: Group therapy is covered by most insurance and sliding scale pay will be accepted
Location: Urban Balance Virtual Group (Zoom)


Sometimes the spaces that should be the most affirming, most equitable, and the safest for exploration of one’s life in all its aspects, are experienced as harmful instead. This support group is for individuals who want a safe space to discuss and address religious trauma in a group setting. Religious trauma may result from dynamics such as silencing, isolation, restricted access to equity of social goods such as primary leadership positions, decision-making authority, teaching roles, ostracism due to gender identity and sexual orientation, and other forms of direct and indirect oppression.


  • Participants must be in ongoing individual therapy to enroll.  
  • Participants must be located in Missouri for every session. 
  • Consistent participation is essential to personal and group progress.

For more information email the group facilitator Kate O’Brien, PhD, LCSW

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.