Teen Counseling in Chicago, IL

If your teen is struggling with school or personal challenges, teen counseling may be a good solution. Teen counseling gives teens the tools to control anxiety, overcome depression, build self-esteem, and get more out of their daily lives. Urban Balance offers teen counseling in Chicago IL, and we have several offices to choose from. Your teen will be matched with the best therapist for their unique needs.

Some teens thrive in individual counseling, while others do well with family counseling. Most of our teenage clients have a mixture of family and individual therapy sessions. When you contact our office, we can help you find the right setup for your family. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for teen counseling in Chicago IL, call (888) 726-7170.

What Are the Benefits of Teen Counseling?

Every person faces unique challenges. Thus no two counseling experiences are exactly alike. At Urban Balance, we provide personalized teen counseling in Chicago IL. Some of the goals of teen counseling may include:

  • Uncover the Underlying Factors for Academic Struggles
  • Find Personalized Coping Strategies and Tools
  • Overcome Depression and Anxiety Using Evidence-Based Treatment Plans
  • Prevent or Treat Teen Substance Abuse
  • Reduce Stress and Improve Self-Esteem
  • Prevent Self-Harm or Thoughts of Suicide
  • Improve Relationships within the Family

Teen counseling is compatible with insurance. Urban Balance accepts many EAPs and health insurance plans, such as UniCare, One Health Plan, FedMed, Beacon Health Options, Healthlink, Great West, Harken Health, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna Behavioral Health, TriCare, HFN, Chickering Group, Anthem, Aetna, MHNet, and others. Call (888) 726-7170 to have your insurance verified or to learn more about teen counseling in Chicago IL..

Flexible Appointment Times for the Whole Family

Teens and families tend to have busy schedules. Between school and extracurriculars, it may be hard to have a therapy appointment during normal business hours. Not to worry though. We provide evening and weekend appointments for teen counseling, family counseling, and other counseling services. We will find a timeframe that works for you and your teen. Reach out today, and we will match you with a licensed teen counselor in Chicago IL.


Learn More about Teen Counseling in Chicago IL by Calling (888) 726-7170

We are now accepting new clients for telehealth or in-person therapy sessions! Please give us a call (888) 726-7170 or email intake@urbanbalance.com to schedule an appointment today!