The Comfort and Care of Pets

Written by Kelly Couture, MEd, LPC-S

Having a pet has been shown to reduce stress, bring comfort, and provide a purpose in life (to care for a fur baby). During the pandemic, pet sales increased dramatically as many of us had extra time to care for a new family member and many of us sought relief from isolation.  Here are some items to consider when deciding if a pet is right for you!

  • There are SO many pets available to adopt.  There are many loving pets available at shelters that deserve a forever home and supporting local non-kill shelters reduces the need for animals to be euthanized due to overpopulation. Adopting helps in protecting potential furry members of your family and allows for others to share in the joy of adopting a new friend.

  • Right now, many of us are challenged with feelings of isolation because of COVID precautions.  Pets are wonderful companions and can help foster feelings of unconditional love and are great sources of physical touch.

  • Some breeds of dogs require a lot of exercise and stimulation.  Exercise is one great way to combat depression.  Having a running/walking partner with four legs can help us become motivated to start working out.  If we have physical conditions that make it difficult for us to exercise for extended periods, there are many breeds of dogs (and cats) that are content to snuggle which has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

    Pets are wonderful companions. They enrich our lives in so many ways.  It is important to remember that a pet is a loving member of the family, a responsibility and that there are so many amazing breeds that can fit your lifestyle.  You can look up local no kill animal shelters on the internet.  There are many organizations that rescue pets and, with a little time and research, your new fur baby could be waiting to be adopted by you! 

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