The Morning Routine for Better Mental Health

Your morning routine sets the tone for the day. Minimal stress, maximum productivity – that’s what we want you to enjoy every single morning. Check out these morning routine tips for better mental health.

Establish a Consistent Wake-up Time

Waking up around the same time every morning will make it easier to go to bed and wake up each day. Your body will learn your habits, and your mind will thrive with predictable comfort. Choose a time to wake up every morning, allowing plenty of time for the rest of your morning routine. Early wake-up times tend to yield the most productive days, but not everyone was meant to wake up at 5:00 AM.

Gradually Introduce Your Eyes to Light

If possible, avoid bright light right when you open your eyes. You may turn on your tableside lamp, then transition to your bathroom or bedroom light. You may open the curtains slightly, then open the blinds after a while. Bright light can jolt your brain, making you feel disoriented when you wake up.

Don’t Check Your Phone First Thing in the Morning

When you first wake up, don’t immediately jump on your phone. This will get you trapped in the social media scroll, and it will encourage you to stay in bed. Try starting your day with a shower, some fresh coffee, meditation, a morning jog…anything that gets you up and moving. Save your phone time for later, which you have more motivation behind you.

Prepare for the Morning at Night

If you feel rushed to get to work, you’re starting the day flustered. Give yourself an easy morning by preparing the night before. Set out your clothes, pre-pack your lunch, and get the coffee maker ready to kick-on. Instead of saying, “I’ll do that tomorrow,” find as many ways to do tomorrow’s tasks today. You will wake up feeling accomplished, which will make the entire day that much easier.

Eat Breakfast

Getting some protein in your system first thing will naturally boost your energy levels. You don’t have to eat a big breakfast. A smoothie and a protein bar are sufficient. Whatever you do, make sure you plan to eat breakfast before starting your day. You can even prepare a meal the night before, such as overnight oats. This frees your mind to focus on other elements of your morning routine.

Play Energizing Music or Listen to an Uplifting Podcast

These are great ways to get you in the right mindset for the day. Listen to music that makes you feel good, or put on a motivational podcast. If you watch TV in the morning, choose a program that is going to put you in good spirits.

Make a Plan for the Day

Quickly make a list of tasks for the day. Break them up into timeslots: morning, afternoon, early evening. Allow a sufficient amount of time for each task, with breaks in between. Be realistic about your abilities and the time available for you. Then you can check off each task as you accomplish it.

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