Therapist in St. Louis, MO

Looking for a trusted and affordable therapist in St. Louis, MO? Urban Balance has proudly served the St. Louis area for almost 15 years. We have more than 100 therapists on staff across multiple locations, and we have specialists in nearly every area of mental health and relationship therapy. From individual counseling to couples counseling and family counseling, we offer the services you need in your community. Give us a call at (888) 726-7170 to schedule a consultation with a therapist near you.

Get Matched with the Right Therapist for You

Therapy is not a cookie-cutter process. Every person has unique experiences and concerns that determine how they respond to counseling and therapy. To ensure you have a great experience from the start, we will match you with the best therapist for your specific needs. Some of our specialists in St. Louis, MO include:

  • Anxiety Therapists
  • Depression Therapists
  • Teen Counselors and Child Counselors
  • Couples Counselors, Including Marriage Counselors and Divorce Prevention Experts
  • Drug Addiction Therapists and Other Addiction Specialists
  • Family Counselors
  • More Than 100 Therapists in Multiple Locations near St. Louis, MO

If you need more than one type of therapy, no worries. Your therapist will help you in all aspects of life. Our goal is to help you feel better, be more productive, and set yourself up for an amazing future. It all starts with a quick phone call to our St. Louis therapist office. Reach out at (888) 726-7170 to speak with one of our friendly office workers.

An Insurance-Friendly Therapist Office in St. Louis, MO

Many therapist offices in the St. Louis area only work with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but that may not fit your needs. Urban Balance was founded in 2004 with the goal of being an insurance-friendly therapist office. We work with several insurance companies, and we also provide out-of-network counseling services, when applicable. We provide affordable, judgement-free therapy designed for the modern world. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our work or to schedule an appointment with a therapist near you.


To Schedule an Appointment with a Therapist in St. Louis, MO, Call (888) 726-7170
Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.