Therapist Spotlight: Arthur Avalos, LPC

Arthur Avalos is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC) providing services to adults and couples at our Chicago — North Michigan Avenue office. Arthur works collaboratively with his clients to help guide them in discovering and living out their most authentic self. You can read his full bio here!

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What self-care techniques or activities do you do?

I love to read and I try to balance out the types of books I read. I will often read two books at once with one being work/learning focused and one fun read. I also love to work on adult coloring books and I most recently started to knit. I find these activities relaxing and fun.

What made you become a therapist?

I decided to become a therapist due to my own personal experience in therapy. I found that the space it provided was beneficial to my own personal growth and acceptance of who I am as an individual.

What are your specialties?

My specialities are mood and anxiety and issues specific to the LGBTQ community. I work from a CBT and DBT model.

Why do you believe that counseling can help?

Counseling is helpful because it creates a space where people can share openly and process their thoughts and emotions in an environment free of judgement. As a therapist I am here to help you on your journey and to help you on your path in the safest space possible. Counseling allows new ideas and new perspectives to form. Sometimes our thoughts need to be challenged and that is what makes the process of therapy so effective.

Did you have a career before becoming a therapist?

I was in retail management for over ten years before I decided to go back to school. When making the transition I evaluated what I loved about being a manager and found that the personal connections I had with my staff and the mentorship and guidance was what I loved. It helped me in my decision to become a therapist.

Why is it important to seek counseling?

Counseling is important because in today’s culture our lives are so fast paced that sometimes we don’t take the time to slow down and sit with our thoughts. This can lead to unwanted behaviors or emotions. Seeking counseling allows us to have an outlet to process and figure out why we are behaving in certain ways or dealing with difficult emotions.

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