Therapist Spotlight – Barbara Noonan, LCPC, at UB’s Downtown Chicago Office


What made you become a therapist?

I noticed in my early teens that what really interested me about my friends and family

were the behaviors that they exhibited. It was quite fascinating to guess why they acted

the way that they did and what would come next. This interest eventually extended to

others beyond the narrow world of my young teenage years and my family and friends.

It made sense to me to pursue a career in the therapeutic world.

What are your specialties?

Anxiety disorders, Depression, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues.

What self care activities do you find helpful?

Exercise is a must as well as Yoga. I have been Yoga practitioner for the past 14 years

which includes meditation and reflection. My art studio is my refuge. I Paint and Draw

a couple of times a week.

I make it a point to spend time with family and friends – going to art museums and

galleries – and take advantage of the many cultural activities that Chicago offers.

Why do you feel it’s important to seek counseling?

Counseling is a way for individuals to reach their fullest potential with the help of an

objective observer. We are all products of our environment and none of us escapes

childhood unscarred. So many things need to be explored: stress, sadness, grief, life

transitions, our innermost fears. These are best talked about with an experienced

professional with whom we feel safe and comfortable.

Who can benefit from therapy? How can it help?

I absolutely believe in everyone’s ability to change, grow and develop. What’s most

important is joining with the client to help in the process. I try to use my sense of humor

in working with clients. I strive to help each client recognize that he or she is far

stronger than one might imagine and to break the cycle of negative thinking.

Essentially, I believe that people really heal themselves – with our help, of course.

Everyone has to deal with changes in life as well as sadness and discomfort. Therapy

can be an enormous help in adapting to them and learning to cope with the stress



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