Therapist Spotlight: Manasa Perera, PhD

Dr. Manasa Perera is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults. She has worked in long term care facilities, community mental health centers, and substance abuse treatment facilities.  She has experience treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and severe mental illness. Read her full bio here.

What self-care techniques or activities do you do?    

Exercise, Talk with my social support system

What made you become a therapist?     

Innate interest combined with various life experiences

What are your specialties?          

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation

Did you have a career before becoming a therapist? 


Why do you believe that counseling can help?

An impartial ear, and a clinician who is trained to provide therapeutic techniques specifically designed to help alleviate the presenting problem, can make all the difference.

Why is it important to seek counseling?

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives, especially when they are not able to work through a problem on their own. Therapy can assist an individual in solving that problem in a healthy way, and provide lasting tools they can implement again in the future.

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.