UB Therapist Spotlight: Pam Schur, LPC


Pam Schur is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience working with individuals, families, adolescents/young adults/adults, couples, and groups. Pam believes every individual can benefit from therapy and works to create a safe, trusting, non-threatening environment for each client. She specializes in treating work-life balance and transitions, family and parenting conflicts, depression, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, self-esteem, grief/loss, eating diorders, trauma, self-harm, relationship and interpersonal conflict, and multi-cultural issues. Pam utilizes a client-centered approach to assist clients in identifying their strengths and skills and help achieve their goals.

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What self care techniques or activities do you do?

Walking, working out, reading, going to see movies (favorite is during the day either with a friend or alone), manicures, and naps.

What made you become a therapist?

I have always wanted to become a therapist. When I was a freshman in college I took a social work course and was turned off by the teacher, so my 18-year old self decided to switch majors. Instead, I turned to my second passion which is writing. I switched to the school of journalism and studied broadcast journalism. When I graduated college, I continued in the direction of journalism and went into public relations and marketing.

After several years in the field, I thought maybe I would return to school and get my degree. So I took my exams, got accepted into a school, and then panicked! I had 18-month old twins at the time and thought, not a great time to go back to school. Fast forward 17 years and after losing my brother-in-law suddenly and getting some incredible help from counseling, I knew the timing to pursue my dream of helping others was right. I resigned from my job, applied for school and got into a masters of counseling program. Everything about the program felt right. I loved learning about the field, made some incredible new friends along the way, and obtained a degree in a field that is fulfilling and challenging. In addition to learning something new everyday, I enjoy the rewards of working with clients,and guiding them to be successful and celebrating small victories of life. Life is hard on a good day, and I am honored to be trusted to help make life just a little easier for the clients I serve.

What are your specialties?

Working with adolescents, young adults, adults and families struggling with anxiety, family conflict, depression, life transitions, and grief/loss, self-harm, and eating disorders.

Did you have a career before becoming a therapist?

As mentioned before, I was in public relations and marketing. I specifically worked in association management for several years.

Why do you believe that counseling can help?

I believe everyone can benefit from counseling because sometimes you just need someone to listen, support, and validate your feelings. Counseling allows individuals the opportunity to express feelings, thoughts and concerns in a safe, nonjudgmental, and non-threatening atmosphere. Counselors can offer clients different perspectives on challenging issues, provide them with the tools and skills needed to make changes or alter behavior, and just offer an ear or words of support. Counseling can be provided in traditional ways such as one-on-one talk therapy or group therapy. Or in non-traditional ways through games and other initiatives, for example. There are a number of ways for individuals to benefit from counseling, regardless of age or gender.

Why is it important to seek counseling?

I believe seeking counseling is a sign of strength. Often times people are fearful of asking for help because they do not want to be identified as weak. There is nothing weak about admitting you need help in some area of your life. Counseling is hard work but the benefits are numerous. Whether you are having a hard time deciding a career path, suffering from anxiety or depression, getting through a divorce or struggling with grief and loss, a therapist can help navigate a person through a difficult times and empower them to move foreword in a different direction. Therapists also help people realize the power within and help them unlock their potential. I truly believe we are all like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, what we need is in our own back yard. Sometimes we just need a push to click our heels.


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