UB Supports: Elyssa’s Mission

Urban Balance is committed to supporting mental health causes and organizations in our community. This month, we donated funds to Elyssa’s Mission, an organization that provides resources to help prevent teen suicide. 

Elyssa’s Mission is a community-based organization founded in 2006, in honor of Elyssa — a Chicagoland girl who battled PTSD and depression and tragically took her own life. The organization provides support to middle and high schools throughout Illinois by educating students, staff and parents on recognizing and assisting at-risk teens.

Urban Balance’s donation supports the SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, the only school-based suicide prevention program to show a reduction (by 40 percent) in self-reported suicide attempts. The  SOS program teaches youth that depression is a treatable illness, while empowering them to respond to a potential suicide in a way that can help prevent it.

Since inception, Elyssa’s Mission has helped educate over 100,000 students.

To learn more about Elyssa’s Mission or to donate, visit: www.elyssasmission.org


Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.