UB Supports Mental Health Supplemental Appropriation

On behalf of the Illinois Mental Health Conselors Association (IMCHA), UB participated in garnering support for House Bill 149 (HB149) by contacting several House Representative. UB hopes representatives will support HB149 so it can get passed. 

What is HB149? – HB149 is a $12 million supplemental appropriation to the Department of Mental Health (DMH) to restore unintended cuts to vital community mental health services and supportive housing.

Why is HB149 important? – Due to insufficient revenue in certain funds, DMH was forced to cut $12 million from critical community mental health crisis programs and psychiatric services. These cuts were not the intent of the General Assembly or the Governor in the FY13 budget.This, at a time when the state’s mental health system is stretched thin due to previous cuts over several years, leaving thousands struggling with mental illness without the services they need to get well and recover.

HB149 is needed to restore these critical services through a supplemental appropriation.

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