UB Supports: Thresholds

Urban Balance is committed to supporting causes and organizations that our therapists’ are passionate about. This month, we donated funds to Thresholds, an organization that assists and inspires people with severe mental illnesses to reclaim their lives by providing housing, healthcare, and hope.

UB Therapist Laura Harwood, PsyD provides information about Thresholds and the importance of  the organization: 

Having severe mental illness disrupts anyone’s life. But it can have an even greater impact on those without the resources to get treatment. Thresholds gives medical care, educational and job opportunities, psychiatric treatment, and housing to those in need in the Chicago community. The have a variety of programs for different populations, including young adults, families, veterans, and members of the Deaf community. The breadth of services Thresholds provides and the variety of populations it provides to allow Thresholds to treat 9,500 people a year. One of Thresholds main values is that no case is hopeless. They don’t turn anyone down because of fiscal inability, and that is why it is so important for them to get donations from the public.
The homeless population is made up of many, many people who suffer from mental illnesses. The inability to get treatment greatly hinders the chance for a person without a home to secure a job or better their quality of life. By first addressing the need for medical care, Thresholds helps sufferers of mental illness to get back on their feet. Thresholds also helps get educational and job opportunities for those who need them. Everyone deserves to have access to psychiatric treatment. Thresholds makes that dream a reality in the Chicago community.

To learn more about Thresholds, visit: www.thresholds.org

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