UB Therapist Spotlight: Britt Young, AMFT

Britt Young is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience treating children, adolescents, and adults who are in crisis or struggling with life transitions, anxiety, and/or depression. She also works with couples and families who are experiencing relational problems and helps them reconnect and redefine their relationships. In the past, she has worked with children and families who have faced sexual abuse, neglect, and separation. Britt works from Urban Balance’s Libertyville counseling office.

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What made you become a therapist?

I started to notice that my office at my previous career had become a make-shift therapy room. When fellow employees started coming in to talk about their problems and needed someone to listen to, I realized I should become a therapist.

What are your specialties?

My favorite part of my work is helping others strengthen their personal relationships.

Did you have a career before becoming a therapist?

Before I became a therapist, I was a television reporter and meteorologist. I worked in Mississippi, Idaho, and Hawaii. I loved my job, but realized I couldn’t balance my life and work in that career after I had children.

Why do you believe that counseling can help?

I believe we all take care of our bodies and keep them healthy. So why don’t we do the same for our brains? Sometimes we need someone to talk to in order to keep our emotional health in check. A good therapist can help us create the behavioral changes necessary to maintain emotional health.

Why is it important to seek counseling?

Before little problems become big problems, it is important to address the issue, explore solutions, and work together to improve functioning. Human beings weren’t designed to cope with problems by ourselves. We have always needed others to help us when things get rocky.

Favorite Self Care Activities:

I’m part of a hula halau, which means hula school. We are a performing company, and, whenever I start dancing, I remember my time in Hawaii.

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