UB’s Joyce Marter Offers Convenient and Affordable CEU Webinars

If you’re a mental health professional looking for convenient and affordable CEUs, look no further! Joyce Marter facilitates 2 webinars through the Illinois Mental Health Counseling Association (IMHCA). These online workshops have been conducted for fortune 500 companies, business organizations and for 50+ therapists  with very positive reviews. For more information on the webinars, see below.

The Psychology of Success: An Overview of Wellness Principals to Achieve Personal & Professional Success – 3 hour webinar (3 CEU)

The presentation outlines wellness principals (such as utilizing the power of intention, practicing gratitude, silencing your inner critic, etc.) to achieve success. Humorous anecdotes
and case examples are provided. Inspiring, positive and motivating for clinicians to look at self-actualization for self and clients.

Shifting Gears from Mental Health to Business: A tutorial for therapists in Private Practice and Entrepreneurial Endeavors1 hour webinar (1 CEU)

This workshop provides information about how to change your thinking to succeed in business endeavors as a mental health professional.  Concepts such as effective networking, creating a business plan, establishing a board of directors, fine tuning the art of negotiation and thinking and communicating in a manner that will promote success in business are covered. 

To sign up or learn more about the webinars, visit: http://imhca.org/webinars/webinar.html

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