Urban Balance Supports: A Night Out

Urban Balance is committed to supporting mental health causes and organizations that our therapists’ are involved with. This month, we donated funds to A Night Out, a nonprofit organization committed to providing adult victims of domestic violence and abuse a brief escape from their everyday world. 

UB Therapist Shelly Skrypnyk, LCPC , describes the importance of the organization and her work with them: 

As a therapist I have helped many men and women process through abusive relationships and domestic violence issues.  It takes strength and bravery to be able to walk away from an abuser or an abusive situation.  In Chicago and the Chicagoland area there are many domestic violence agencies that help men and women rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive situation.  Some of these individuals also leave with their children and bring them to these agencies.  The agencies help them with housing, clothing, employment, schooling, child care, counseling and any other necessity that they need to move on with their lives and to provide a better life.

Another thing I’ve learned from being a therapist is the importance of fun.  Laughter can inspire hope.  That is why I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a one of a kind organization that provides fun, laughter and hope to survivors of domestic violence called, A Night Out.

At A Night Out, we understand the struggles that survivors go through in rebuilding their lives and we offer them a brief escape from their everyday world.  In a nutshell, we coordinate with domestic violence agencies and take groups of women out to different events in Chicago and Chicagoland areas.  We have gone to the ballet, musicals, spas, salons, private dinners, comedy shows and much more.  Our goal is to help bring hope and encouragement to survivors to keep going and to know that they can have a better life.  We also provide free childcare for their children when they go out for the night.

A Night Out began in 2012 and is completely donation and grant funded. Every aspect of the events are completely free for the participants and the agencies. We have a wonderful team of volunteers that make everything possible.  I am proud to be a founding board member, as well as, a volunteer. It brings me great joy to be a part of this organization and to be able to provide happiness in just one evening.

Want to know more? Visit: www.anightout.org

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