What To Consider When Considering Counseling

Thinking about counseling? Not sure about the process of finding a therapist? Here are 3 tips to help you get started.

Get matched with the right therapist. Counseling is a broad discipline and counselors have a wide range of personalities. Make sure, first off, that you are comfortable with your therapist – request a 20 minute initial meeting to see if you are well matched. Additionally, find a therapist who specializes in the area of counseling you wish to pursue. Whether couples counseling, bi-polar disorder treatment, life transitions, or anxiety counseling – find a counselor who specializes in that area.

Your information is confidential, and counseling is frequently covered by your health insurance. HIPAA laws ensure that your health information is private. Be upfront in talking with your therapist about confidentiality issues before you enter into therapy. Your health insurance is billed like any other health visit, where you pay a co-pay per visit and insurance reimburses the remainder.

Yes while counseling treats problems and issues, the ultimate goal is balance and success. Therapy is a process where you can discover your best self as well as create positive solutions to emotional, relational and wellness problems. Counseling can benefit everybody at some point in their lives, especially in times of transition and unexpected change.

Consider UB counseling if you are for the first time considering reaching out and finding help with a therapist. UB has over 70 therapists working in 6 locations in Chicago and North Suburbs. Our expert intake coordinator can quickly match you with the right therapist. Additionally, Urban Balance has an in-house billing system where we work directly with your insurance to help keep counseling affordable. Finally, UB’s therapists are goal focused and down to earth, and seek to empower each client to create balance and success in his/her life.

Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services.