Will Counseling Help with Anxiety?

If you’ve been dealing with anxiety on your own, you’re probably looking for new solutions. What is the best way to treat anxiety? Does anxiety go away? Will counseling help with anxiety? There are tons of questions racing through your mind. Let’s take a look at how therapy could help your anxiety and how you can make the most of the experience.

How Anxiety Counseling Works

Anxiety counseling works a little differently for each person. Your anxiety symptoms, anxiety triggers, and overall lifestyle are unique to you. Thus you may have a different journey than someone else.

During anxiety counseling, a therapist works with you to peel back the layers of your anxiety. The goal is to get to the inner core – the root cause of anxiety symptoms. From there, your therapist can recommend solutions that fit your lifestyle and have been proven to work.

How long will it take? That’s hard to say. You may have an “Aha!” moment right away, or it may take time to uncover elements of your anxiety. It may also take time to put the tools you learn to work and make them an integral part of your life. Nevertheless, counseling can help with anxiety, no matter what your circumstances may be.

What Anxiety Counseling Won’t Do

It’s important to know that anxiety counseling won’t ‘fix you’ overnight. No anxiety treatment will. Anxiety is the result of multiple factors all aligning at once. There isn’t a magic cure for that. Trust in the process, and rest assured that you will always have positive support from your therapist.

How to Get the Most from Anxiety Counseling

If you truly want anxiety counseling to work, you must commit to the process. Don’t go into therapy with the attitude of “This won’t work.” By doing that, you’re creating a barrier in your mind that keeps anxiety locked inside. You might be surprised by how quickly changes happen when you have an open mind.

Another way to maximize the results of therapy is to actively apply the lessons you learn. If your therapist tells you to journal your thoughts, do it. If you learn breathing techniques to stop anxiety attacks, use them. Your therapy sessions only represent a small portion of your life. The real work occurs in between appointments, when you utilize the coping strategies you’ve learned along the way. That’s when you start to see noticeable strides in your mental health.

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