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Urban Balance is a premier counseling group practice that promotes work/life balance, wellness and professional success. As we continue to grow, we are looking for well-trained, talented and compassionate staff who are dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential. We believe in healthy work/life balance not only for our clients, but for our staff as well. Take a look at just some of the ways that Urban Balance provides a balanced and satisfying career.

☑ Flexible Work Schedule. When a staff member needs time off, they work directly with their clients to change or reschedule sessions. Additional office space may be available for rescheduling as well. All staff are responsible for their own caseloads, either at the part-time level with supervision, or as independent practitioners. As full-time work is challenging in private practice, staff are encouraged to have another part-time arrangement or not necessarily be seeking full-time work in their first year. For this reason, Urban Balance prides itself on being an excellent work environment for working parents, or for those with multiple sources of income. Urban Balance is open seven days a week with both morning and evening hours, and there are many scheduling combinations available.

☑ Clinicians spend their time doing clinical work, not submitting claims and dealing with insurance. We have a separate billing and credentialing department that is responsible for insurance paneling, benefit quotes, and claims submissions. Therapists are only responsible for submitting a daily session log, making it efficient and easy for the therapists to focus on the clinical aspect of private practice.

☑ Opportunity to work around others, while maintaining autonomy. Urban Balance is the best of both worlds for those who want the benefits of working autonomously, while also having the support of a team. Each office has their own community for support, and we formally meet bi-annually (in addition to informal gatherings throughout the year). With a group of more than 100 therapists, we are always helping each other grow by sharing resources, information, and advice.

☑ No need to prospect for new clients, we match clients with you. Urban Balance has a separate intake department that manages all new client inquiries by phone and email. The intake team gathers new clients’ information and matches them with a therapist based on availability, office location, and counseling needs. As more and more people are seeking therapy as a part of their wellness initiatives, Urban Balance is growing to meet these needs.

☑ Strong support staff. In addition to our strong intake and billing departments at Urban Balance, we have administrative support staff that handle marketing, office maintenance, trainings and events, materials and resources, and much more. Each office location has an office coordinator to ensure that the office is running smoothly and efficiently. Our leadership team meets regularly to drive business and make sure our therapists only have to focus on their clinical work.

☑ Opportunity for individual and group supervision/consultation. In select Urban Balance locations, we provide clinical supervision for therapists who are limited licensure (LPC, LSW or AMFT). All therapists, even those licensed at the independent level, are encouraged to engage in consultation for ongoing support and growth. For convenience, we offer group consultation at select locations on a monthly basis.

☑ Work in nice and contemporary offices in convenient locations. Urban Balance has convenient and high-traffic office locations that ensure our offices are busy while best serving our clients’ needs. Many of our therapists work out of two offices, which offers more options to their clients and diversity in their own work environment. We are intentional in creating peaceful and inviting environments for our staff and our clients. Our support staff is continually looking for ways to improve our waiting areas and therapist rooms – making upgrades to furniture and amenities, and responding to our clients’ needs.

☑ Strong earning potential. Compensation is competitive, based on licensure, experience and tenure. Although any private practice arrangement will take time to initially build, we have a high volume of referrals to aid in this process. With a full caseload, our staff are earning strong and steady income year-round. We also offer opportunities for compensation outside of clinical work, including contributing to the Urban Balance blog and helping with marketing work and events.

If you are interested in working with us, please follow this link to complete your application.
Due to the volume of applicants, we are not able to provide confirmation of received applications or advise of status.

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Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services. Please click here for our updates regarding COVID-19.