Individual Counseling

All of us are shaped by our past, present and ongoing experiences. The way we handle life’s disruptions, difficulties and stress is deeply personal.

Sometimes, our challenges can weigh on us so that we lose sleep; dwell on negative thoughts; feel growing resentment, anger or sadness; or we simply feel stuck, uncertain and vulnerable. Or, we’re not in a rut, but we feel unusually distracted by the excitement, and we need to regain focus and channel our energy.
Seeing a therapist is not a personal failure or weakness. Through talk therapy, people understand themselves and others better. Talk therapy teaches us healthy ways of processing and expressing emotions, dealing with other people (including our inner self), and coping with circumstances we can and cannot control.

Common Problem Areas (Read More About  Our Specialties:

Urban Balance provides a safe and confidential place to get support, insight, guidance, information, tools, resources and skills to manage the ups, downs and daily challenges of life. Therapists are seasoned experts, trained in facilitating healing and growth. At Urban Balance, we focus on your strengths and guide you in achieving wellness, happiness and success at home and at work.

First step? Contact our Intake Coordinator, or find a wide range of specialty areas and professional counselors to talk to using our therapist directory.

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Urban Balance prioritizes the safety of our clients and staff and will provide teletherapy counseling services. Please click here for our updates regarding COVID-19.